Plotting for Multiple Character Arcs | #AmWriting

writinghead710In my last #amwriting post (I Am A Weary World-Builder), I had just finished plotting the entire novel from MC’s perspective. But I’ve quickly realized that there are three other characters with separate agendas whose actions during the same novel span will be important to know just as thoroughly so that when they appear at pivotal plot points they’re actions don’t just seem to come out of nowhere.

These characters include my MC’s mysterious frenemy with whom she makes a deal, a female mentor whose motivations are ambiguous, and her grandfather who she learns is a part of a conspiracy she didn’t know existed.

I was quite intimidated about how to go about doing this plotting. I had plotted the MC’s story in 27 notecards that comprised the manuscript in the Scrivener doc where I’d decided to keep everything, so I didn’t immediately know how to integrate the other plot lines into it. Inspiration hit as I realized I could make a table in Word with 27 rows for each chapter and four columns to designate each of the different characters’ journeys. Looking at my MC’s storyline, I could mark where the side characters appear in her story and then fill in the blanks in their individual storylines!

New Developments

From this new plotting I’ve been working on, I’ve learned a few new things about the world. I’ve also been inspired by my recent reading for my German Literature & Ideas class in which I’ve read All Quiet on the Western Front and some historical accounts that explain Germany’s behavior during WWI. Note: My novel is not historical fiction, but I’m taking inspiration from the societal tensions of real European history around WWI & WWII for the world conflict my alternative-universe-steampunk fantasy.

I’ve also made some potentially final decisions about the novel’s form! I’ve long imagined having each chapter start with a poem or fictional excerpt of a folk tale or historical commentary on the events of the story as if the story (or the novel) is itself narrative account of history in the world. Kind of like what Erika Johansen does in The Queen of the Tearling. But I’ve also struggled with what perspective to write in.

I want this book and series to be really engaging and for readers to put themselves in the place of the protagonist (which is generally done by writing in the 1st person POV), but I also want to be able to give as full a picture of the story as possible by showing what other characters are also up to. I know I don’t want to write from the 1st person for multiple characters, so the only option I appear to have is to write from the 3rd person limited POV of multiple characters. Limited so that I can dive into their thoughts and readers are able to have that closeness of understanding the characters.

After making this decision I realized that I might want to add the villain’s perspective, which is a bit of a terrifying prospect as I’ve not read any fantasy recently that closely depicts the villain’s activity. I think it’s unpopular because it can take away some of the surprise in sneak attacks on the MCs.


I think I do not think I will directly dive into the head of the villain though, I think I will narrate about them through the eyes of a subordinate, because if I am thinking about my book as a piece of fantastical historical fiction, then the villain probably would not have a say in the way they are portrayed in history. (“History is written by the victors.”)

End Note

I am still working on the plot lines of characters I mention at the beginning of this post, but I’ve not decided on all the characters from whose POVs I will be writing. I like the idea of actually integrating some of the action in the plot lines of the side characters into the novel as a whole, but perhaps not directly through their eyes. So that’s something I’ll probably decide and shift as I write.

I’m also beginning to think I may not be writing the first draft of this novel directly into the Scrivener document, but using it more after the fact to organize the story as I’m editing and adding more details. Does anyone else feel a need to do this? I just feel like there’s something inflexible about the way sections of text in Scrivener are separated that make it harder to write freely.

Next week I will be posting my October writing plans in the form of a Pre-NaNoWriMo Goals checklist inspired by Ely’s “Pre-NaNoWriMo Goals | 2016 Edition“! I feel like I’m really close to being able to write and can’t wait to have no excuses to start. I can’t believe it’s almost October! I’m sure I’ll encounter new problems and roadblocks as I write (which I’ll talk about in these blog posts obviously), but I feel like I’m ready for them!

Thank you for reading!
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Backstory & Plotting Chapters | #AmWriting (07.29.2016)

writinghead710Today has been really productive and as it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good about where I’m at writing-wise, I’ve decided to do a cheeky little writing post here on the blog. I’ve not properly worked on my story since before my vacation last week, and I was lucky that I didn’t lose the excitement I had then. My biggest motivation behind this great day was my writing pal Sara with whom I Skyped twice today actually!

Sara is visiting her sister in California, which means we now have a two-hour time difference between us and surprisingly it’s worked out in our favor today. We Skyped early enough (her time) that we decided it would not be unreasonable to try and Skype again in four hours time, giving us both some time and a deadline with which to try and be more productive than we had been the last time we spoke.

With my time, I ended up doing a lot of brainstorming of the backstory that would set the events of my novel into action in the form of a lot of summarization. Here are some of the major things I changed and established in the world of my story (please, excuse the vagueness!):

  • I changed my main villain into a woman. This character had been based a little on the Rasputin of Anastasia (1997) and I decided that it would work better for my story’s conflict for her to be female instead. It’s also forced me to reshape the origins of the conflict and think about how to categorize people like her in this world.
  • I developed a compelling backstory between the villain and two mysterious characters who will become significant characters in the future books of this prospective series.
  • I decided to set my novel a year after a thing that happens. So the world of my story in the midst of turmoil now, instead of coming to turmoil as result of my protagonist’s actions in this book. It’s a small change that has given my world a more ominous tone which is quickly established in the first chapter!
  • I’ve reintegrated a favorite character from past drafts of this story. I’ve always loved this character, he might even be my most favorite creation ever, but I’ve worried in the past that he overshadows my protagonist. I’m determined to fit him into this story, however, and I think I’ve found a way that makes him important but still sidelined, at least for this first book.
  • I’ve committed to three secondary characters! A struggle I’ve realized I had this year was that I had trouble envisioning companions for my protagonist, which is necessary for this story to work. Now my protagonist is starting the story with two friends and there’s a new older character who’s an ally that my protagonist will not immediately realize.

After I talked with Sara for the second time, I managed to do a bit more story work before dinner. This time, I prioritized scene development for the first three chapters I’d outlined two weeks ago. I’ve realized that I’ve been intimidated to write with such a loose outline, so it was really helpful to make a bullet-point list of the things I know I need to write in each chapter before moving on. I’m really liking being able to see what each chapter will look like, the types of settings I need to describe and characters to introduce.

I’m not entirely finished developing all the scenes I will need in each chapter. There are still some lingering questions I have about how I want certain key scenes to unfold. I do hope to get close to finished tomorrow so that I can maybe start writing, because there are some things I’m hoping I’ll learn as I write and then I can just adjust my course from there if I need to.


I won’t be able to Skype with Sara until next Wednesday at the earliest, so I’ve given myself some homework to do each night so I don’t loose interest or motivation in my story. I get so much excitement out of talking about my developments that I’m going to be emailing Sara every night with a progress report. That way she can also hold me accountable and make sure I’m working on this story, even if it’s just a little each day.

If I’m doing really good on time and progress, I might also try and do an #amwriting blog post everyday while I do this. It takes a little while to concisely summarize what my big bullet-point story developments are, but I do find it valuable personally to be able to see at a glance what I’ve accomplished in my writing each day, beyond word or page count.

End Note

Hopefully you’ll see another writing post from me very soon. That’s the plan at least. And with the end of July just around the corner, you should be seeing my July Notes this weekend at the very least because I’ve read so much this month! I think I’ll end with nine books read this month, which is remarkable for me! And since I’ve not reviewed most of these books I’m really excited to reflect on them there.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying your writing as much as I am mine (finally)! See you soon. ^_^

Thank you for reading!
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Exciting Developments! | Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2

Camp NaNoWriMo | Week 2 Summary

I did not write all that much this week, but I am really happy with what I’ve accomplished with my story in the 5,188 words I’ve managed to record. The bulk of my writing time has gone to outlining. I had not had a very clear idea at all of where my protagonist was going in this novel after scrapping my original idea on March 31st. In today’s post, I just wanted to record some of the things I’ve been working on that have made me excited to continue returning to my story document each day, even if only for 10–30 minutes at a time.

camp2A lot of my most productive time came from getting out of my apartment. The polaroid to the left shows the place I like to go: La Madeleine, a country French restaurant (not unlike how Olive Garden is considered a Italian restaurant). I like to get a quiche Lorraine and sometimes petite cesar, then I just drink water which I can refill myself from the drink machine. It has a great writing atmosphere. There’s loud French music that drowns out the chatter. But a lot of time the chatter is great background noise anyway. As long as no one brings their baby, then it really sucks.

One of the best things I ended up doing last week was moving from Scrivener to Word as I feel a lot more freedom to write and see everything on Word. I also set up a Table of Contents that allows me to quickly jump between all the chapters as I plot, which has been the best thing: to update the table and see new chapters pop up and get names. And, yes, I’ve been naming my chapters. It’s not super important, but it’s fun and helpful for remembering what happens there.

At the top of each chapter, I have also been writing short lists of what I anticipate writing in that chapter. It’s been a really great way to organize my thoughts and not worry I will forget anything. The hardest thing when I first started doing this was I realized I didn’t know how my beginning and end connected. Something was going to have to give. And it was just yesterday that I realized what felt the most right, and I really feel like I’m working on a novel now! I know what the protagonist needs to do and why she needs to do it.

Without any further ado, here are some of the exciting story developments I’ve made over the last week!

Exciting Developments

For my own personal record, I thought I would share some of my story developments that I’m most excited about having happened over the last week. That way when I begin to feel down about my story or overwhelmed by my undertaking, I can return to this list and remember my excitement and maybe even refocus if that’s becomes the problem (as it sometimes is).

As I mentioned above, I connected the beginning and end! It turned out to be a problem of knowing exactly who is the antagonists and who are the allies. I had a very fun idea for the antagonist of this story that I’ve realized doesn’t work for this novel, so setting them aside has helped tremendously. Also, I was unsure about the allies of my protagonist because my protagonist has trust issues and I’m still not 100% sure what she wants. I know what she needs, I just don’t know what she wants. I don’t think she does either, though, so I don’t feel too bad about that.

My protagonist now has friends! I’ve always struggled with populating my stories with more than just the important characters and I feel like with these new side characters there are so many more possibilities. I also think they will make my character more likeable. In my head, my protagonist has always been a tad surly and I’ve recently began to worry others might not be as amused with her as I have been. Her friends I think will help her loosen up.

My story has a new environmental theme! I don’t want to go into too much about the specifics, but I’m really happy with my current ideas because it works with the magic of the world that I’ve been developing and also I’m not sure I’ve come across any books that do what I would like to do, to the extent to which I want to do it. Could I be any more vague? Sorry! ^_^

My story will have a play on the “chosen one” trope. In fantasy, it is difficult to avoid this trope, and it’s not one I personally am too bothered by. It’s never felt unnecessary in anything I’ve ever read. It’s probably a sign of how integral it is to the genre. But I have some larger ideas now for how to play with the trope. All year, I’ve had prophecy in mind, but recently I’ve discovered how it would be turned on its head. So I’m excited to play with that as I continue through the series, as I’m not actually sure how it would apply in this first book.

My mentor character has become more complex! A month or two ago I created a mentor-like character for my protagonist. Over the last week, she’s become a much more dubious character, which was a little hard for me because I liked her before the change. But I think was ultimately the right decision. Before, she was a lot more straight-laced and now she’s a bit more savvy to things that are happening and…I don’t want to say unreliable, but I do think readers will not know what to make of her at first. Which I think can only make the story that much more interesting.

 End Note

As I now have a much better understanding of the story I’m writing, I really hope to be at 20,000 words by next Wednesday. That’s not anywhere near where I should be on the 20th, I don’t mind if I don’t fully get all the way caught up until the end of the month. Even if I don’t end up making it to 50,000 by the end of the month, but to 40,000 I’ll be really happy with myself. I plan to continue writing past April, so I’m not going to stress myself out about an arbitrary deadline.

If you’re participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, I hope you’re doing well and staying motivated. Motivation and staying excited about what you’re doing is so important for succeeding. If you’re no confident about what you’re writing find a way to become inspired again. For me, that’s by watching others talk about their writing on YouTube. And getting feedback on what I’ve written from my writing buddy. Let me know what inspires you in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!
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Novel Progress #8 | Camp NaNoWriMo Game Plan


Welcome back to another week of Novel Progress here on Ink Keys & Other Things. I did not write anything this past week beyond a few short lines that came to me as I was brainstorming and plotting. But in this week’s post I actually have quite a bit to share and I hope this post is coherent! I developed a Camp NaNoWriMo game plan that I’ve not seen anywhere else that I think will suit my needs as a writer and help me achieve what I want out of Camp this April.

Plotting and Outlining

Plotting has been the most important thing I’ve needed to do to get ready for Camp NaNoWriMo. I made it an absolute priority this past week to work out the major plot points for the story by listing every fun idea I had for the characters down on an individual notecard. I didn’t need to know the order they would go in, or if every idea would make the final cut. But the important thing was that I was able to look at all my ideas and decide what the major plot points could be based on what I have.

For more information on this method, read “How to Create a Flexible Outline for Your Novel” by Faye from Writerology. It’s a short, quick read that inspired my work this weekend.

I am not all the way complete with everything I need to know about the story, but I’m far enough to where I hope that I find my way. I’ve had to make some hasty decisions already that I’m not sure about but which I’m just going to go with as I refuse to wait around any longer, waiting for divine intervention!

The Game Plan

I am going into Camp NaNoWriMo this April with a pretty detailed plan for how I want things to go! My idea is to write one chapter of my book per day, each chapter being at least 1,667 words long. I might cheat on my word count a little by not subtracting words that are notes or a to-do list of things I need to remember to include post-Camp. But writing everyday is not something that I think will come too easily to me, so I’m not going to be too strict on technicalities!

Each day before I start writing, I want to have some sort of mini-outline for what I want to happen in the chapter. I think it will help make sure that the story keeps moving each day, because I’ve learned over the last few months that I can write a lot of words that lead nowhere! Also, since a priority is to complete a new chapter everyday with at least 1,667 words, if I don’t end up having enough time to finish writing everything I want to write in one chapter, I want to be able to move on to the next chapter and not worry that I won’t remember what I need to go back and finish or fix. That’s another reason I’m counting notes toward my word count.

I’ll be treating each chapter as it’s own entity, not worrying about what needs to come after, or what came before. I think this will keep me from getting discouraged if I don’t like what I wrote the previous day. Every day will be a fresh start with a new beginning. The only technical difficulty I imagine I might have might be outlining the chapter before I write it. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take time away from writing (by becoming a means for procrastination) and that I’m never at a loss for ideas.

I will be writing in Scrivener because I think the page division will really work for how I intend to write my story in April. But I will be backing everything up every night on Google Drive, where I will be sharing my words with my writing buddy Sara! I’ve been helping her as she edits her novel this year, and I know she really wants to see my work so this works for her too! (I’ve pre-warned her that nothing is set in stone and that I won’t be writing in order, so it might not be a pleasant reading experience for her if she decides to read-a-long as I write!)

 End Note

If you are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this April, let me know in the comments along with whether you know what you’ll be writing yet and how you’re feeling about it! I intend to keep up with my weekly Novel Progress installments each Wednesday, they’ll just be a lot more focused on writing progress than anything else. Of course, I’ll remember to share any tips I discover along the way.

And if you didn’t already know, I uploaded a new introduction video on my YouTube channel! It’s very rough, but I’m so happy I plucked up the courage to just do it! Ideally, I would like to do a video everyday in April, but realistically I can’t promise that. Instead expect a new video at least once a week concerning Camp NaNoWriMo progress! So follow me on there if you’d like to see something other than these written blog posts! ^_^

Thank you for reading!
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Novel Progress #7 | I’m Back! + Camp NaNoWriMo

np7Welcome back to another week of Novel Progress here on Ink Keys and Other Things. I’m sorry I’ve not posted in the past three weeks, but I’ve simply not had anything worth sharing. I had some school deadlines leading up to and during spring break that made it hard to think about writing. And by the time I had the time to write, I had lost my writing mojo.

It was only over the last couple of days that I figured out what my root problem was and decided how to fix it. So in this special Saturday post, I’m going to share what I learned and also officially announce my writing plans for April.

What Stumped Me & What I Learned

In case you don’t remember, I was last working on the beginning chapters of my story. I was struggling to write them because I, while I knew what I wanted to happen, I didn’t know why it would happen. So everything I wrote was shrouded in vagueness. And because of this trouble I was having, I struggled to enjoy what I was writing. So knew I had to do something that would make writing fun again.

Around the same time, I realized I need to know what my protagonist’s mission is, the thing that will comprise most of the novel and that should be the most fun to read. The “fun and games,” if you will. Without knowing the mission, I was not going to be able to write a satisfactory beginning, because for the beginning of the novel is really just set up for the middle.

So what I ended up doing last night before I went to sleep was writing a two-sentence plot synopsis of what my protagonist is needs to do and how she plans to do it. And I’m really happy with it! It includes most of the ideas I’ve had swirling around in my head and potential for much much more.

So now that I have a better idea of what needs to happen, all I need to do is start writing. That’s where Camp NaNoWriMo comes in…

Camp NaNoWriMo

I’ve decided that what I really just need to start doing is writing. Even if it’s crap. I tried so hard over the last three months to go slow and take my time (so as to avoid crap), but I’ve realized what I just need to do is write with abandon. So the timing is perfect for Camp NaNoWriMo this April. I’ve decided to officially participate with a word count goal of 50,000 words!

To get ready for this writing extravaganza, I’m going to try to outline my synopsis a bit more so I have loose understanding of where I need to go. I’m also going to get myself organized. I think next week’s Novel Progress (on Wednesday, March 30, 2016) I will describe everything I’ll be doing to get ready, along with any writing progress I might manage before then. Hopefully it will be useful for fellow writers or anyone who is thinking about participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in April!

End Note

I hope you enjoyed this sneaky little Saturday Novel Progress post! I still intend to put out Novel Progress #8 this upcoming Wednesday, but I felt I owed it to everyone (even myself) to post a little something ahead of that, just because it’s been so long. After all, I write these so I can look back on them too. And I doubt no one has ever faced these same problems that I’ve faced, so I know it might help even one person who might be disheartened to know that it’s important to work through these problems and not be defeated by them.

Thank you for reading!
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Novel Progress #6 (Reading Whilst Writing, etc.)

np6Hello, March! You snuck up on me this year. With the beginning of a new month, I have the excitement of a fresh start (even if it’s just psychological). So I’m feeling optimistic right now, even with no good reason why. This past week in writing started off really well, then I got stumped again. But I’m pretty sure I know why I got stumped (which I’ll go into in more detail in the section Reading Whilst Writing).

This week’s Novel Progress is not really a progress update, although I did make some progress (which I’ll probably share next week if when I’ve written more!). Rather in this post I want to talk about: 1) why I’ve been reading while I’ve been trying to write, 2) a new deadline, 3) some notes on my series trajectory, and 4) plans for Camp NaNoWriMo this April. So grab a mug of coffee, or tea, and get comfortable, because this post might be a bit of a doozy!

Reading Whilst Writing

If you follow me on Goodreads, you probably already know I’ve been reading The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud. This is a book I loved in middle school and has always been a major influence (in the back of my mind) on the type story I wanted to write. Having been rereading the novel for the first time in what is almost 10 years, I’ve realized how little I actually remembered of the book! So it’s been really refreshing to jump back into this story and be able to appreciate more than just what I had remembered.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy-The Amulet of SamarkandThe reason I originally wanted to reread this book was in the hopes it would help me develop my own magic system. Mine has not been set in stone, but I really like the idea of the magician’s apprentice and my own system is slightly modeled upon that. But in rereading this book, I’m happy/relieved to say that that’s about where the similarity ends. Nevertheless, I’ve really found other parts of this novel really helpful in bringing my own plot ideas to life. And this is why I think my own writing progress has been slowed down.

I’m reading this book slower than I’d ordinarily prefer, partially because I’ve been battling allergies (and school) but also because I am analyzing why I find elements of this novel particularly effective. I’ve been able to identify things I don’t like about this novel, like the slowness of the beginning and more action-packed scenes (because I personally don’t love long action-scenes). But things I really like are the world-building, the scene-setting, the complex character relationships, the humor (although I don’t see myself writing a character as fun as Bartimaeus!), and the balance between the personal and the greater world conflict.

So reading whilst I’ve been trying to write has slowed me down, but I choose to believe it’s for a good purpose. One of my favorite pieces of writing advice that I’ve come across is to read everything within the genre you want to write. This is not so that you can steal all your favorite ideas and paste them all together (as I gather Victoria Aveyard has done with Red Queen and which I find kind of despicable), but so that you know the nuances of what has been done before and hopefully innovate and contribute meaningfully to the genre in a way that only you can.

Deadline Update

I’m still aiming to have rough overview of my entire novel figured out by April 1st, but I’ve come to realization that given my writing pace (some days I only write 200 words, others I manage about 1,000) this draft will not be satisfactorily “complete” by April. By my calculation, I’m thinking I that to officially finish my first draft, I will need around 90,000 words, if not more. Which is why I’m now aiming for that word count goal for my first draft by June 1st. (April 1st is now more of a deadline by which I hope to finalize the plot.)

That’s almost exactly the half-way point of the year, which means I’ll have the rest of the year to edit and revise. By November, I hopefully could even start working on the second book which might even help while I edit the first book. At this point, I’m certain this will be a series. I’m also certain I would like to begin querying this novel next year, and I’ve always felt like I would want to have more than one book written before I do that. Especially given that this is a series. If I can find a publisher for this series, I’d want to make sure I could have a new book out every year (without it being a rushed job).

Series Trajectory

One thing I realize I haven’t really talked about is the series trajectory for my story. That’s partially because I’ve not been able to think much past this one novel, but also because I have no ideas that are set in stone and don’t even know for sure how many books there would need to be. All my plot ideas are very fluid and I have a whole page in my Scrivener document where I can see all the potential books + bullet-point lists of things to happen, and I’m always moving things around. Nevertheless, I thought I’d finally share some of the general ideas I’ve had for a while.

I like the idea of in each book seeing my female protagonist be another year older, very much as happens in Harry Potter. I’d like readers to be able to grow up with my protagonist and see her “face typical teenage problems” on top of “saving the world.” In the first novel you will see her at age 13, and I’m thinking I’d like to end the series with her at 18, so that will make the series either five or six books long. (I do want to note that I don’t see myself “dumbing down” the story, or catering to a specific age group, because of my protagonist’s age. I want all ages to be able to enjoy the books. All the major characters range in age anyway.)

You might be wondering if I have enough to drag out the story that long. (I’ve wondered that myself.) But I’ve decided I definitely think it’s possible. My world is vast, the conflict complex, and I have a lot of different characters with which I want to play. Also, I don’t see each novel’s focus being protagonist and antagonist in constant battle. I see my protagonist grappling with multiple issues (and roadblocks), only complicated by her destiny. Also, I really want to have time spend more time with the antagonist. So I’m thinking I’m not going to get bored!

I have not wanted to jump down into the rabbit hole that is The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, but I love the idea of writing multiple books belonging to the same world. Diana Wynne Jones did this to an extent. And Leigh Bardugo is doing a similar thing right now with her new Six of Crows series being set in the same world as her debut Grisha trilogy. I think if you create a really unique world, you don’t ever really have to leave it if you don’t want to.

Camp NaNoWriMo (April)

I am thinking of doing some iteration of Camp NaNoWriMo this April. If I stay committed, I might have between 25,000 & 30,000 words complete by April 1st, which might consist mostly of words in the beginning and end of my novel as I’m prioritizing those sections at the moment. But I should essentially know everything that needs to happen in the story and be able to have fun connecting storylines. So Camp NaNoWriMo might be great motivator to keep up my progress.

I don’t know yet if I will want to aim for 50,000 words or set something more manageable (like 30,000 words). I do think I’d like to start trying to vlog on YouTube around this time with weekly, or possibly even daily, progress reports and motivational videos. I think it could be really fun and hopefully help me connect with more even more writers than are able to find this blog.

End Note

I’m really hoping to write a lot more this month. I have a dry-erase calendar board with little green boxes on the days I hope to write at least 1,000 words this month (mostly Thursday–Sunday each week). I have spring break to look forward to in two weeks, but I think I’ll have enough going on that week that won’t allow me to write much more than usual (just being realistic). Nevertheless, I think I’m planning to write more than I have over January & February combined!


I hoped you enjoyed this week’s installment of Novel Progress. Let me know in the comments what you might want to see me talk more of in the future or if you want me to elaborate on anything I mentioned here. I’m hoping to start posting more on Ink Keys and Other Things beyond Novel Progress posts, so whether that be more topic-based writing posts (i.e. the seven-point plot structure I use or the cut-up technique as relates to writing) or opinion pieces (sample topics being subscription boxes and feminist book clubs). Let me know if there’s anything specifically you might want to see.

Thank you for reading!
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