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Hi, everyone. I did not intend to take such a long break, but despite the optimism from the new year, I really haven’t had the time or dedication to keep up with this blog. Before I make my big announcement, I thought I’d explain where I am right now and why I kind of gave up on this blog.

This semester I am taking two in-person grad classes. They both require more readings than I think I’ve ever been asked to do in the past three semesters I’ve been at UT Dallas. It’s hard to complain, because I love these classes. The readings are so amazing and the discussions in class are so much fun. Additionally, I am working on my Capstone, which I describe as a kind of independent study. I’ve been using any extra time I have on the weekends to do research related to a survey I’m designing and I’m finally in the stages where I’m beginning to work on my IRB application (ethically required for an research done at an institution such as a university). I hope this thing will ultimately be published, so that motivation has driven me through all the work I’ve done thus far.

I’m also an official teaching assistant this semester which means I’m attending three classes additional twice a week, keeping track of attendance, and now, beginning to grade assignments. I love grading and providing feedback, but my life would be so much easier if I didn’t have to attend the first of these three classes. I do not actually participate in any of the classes, beyond circulating during small group work. But I have been informed I will each one class period for each class this semester and I have recently received the tentative dates and readings! This is exciting but also terrifying.

Since I’ve barely been able to start reading for myself and will soon have job searching to think about, I’ve lost the motivation not just to write but also to blog here the way I have been. I feel like what I’m in need of is an absolutely new space where I can refocus my blogging efforts.

That’s why I’ve started my new blogging home on Betwined Reads.

There’s just no reason that I need my own self-hosted blog anymore and I have really missed the community built-in to having a blog that’s so much easier for people to find randomly, as opposed to through social media networking efforts. I figure I will eventually  upgrade the blog so I can have more control over customization. But for right now I’ve been focusing on the content of the blog.

There’s nothing up yet, but I thought I’d share it here and now since it’s been so long since I’ve been online or explained what’s been in works and I always feel bad when I just disappear like that. I’m working on pages right now, including a list of the features that will guide the types of posts I make, so you can check that out here if you want to know what you can expect if you intend to follow me. I can’t make any promises right now in terms of when content will begin to show up on the blog, but it won’t be until I’ve finished working out the technical issues, like the permanent pages, sidebar, and simple things like blog logo.

As for what will happen with Books & Pixels, I have no idea yet! I only own this space for about one more year, so I don’t see a point to using it for stuff that I want to be more lasting.

Since my weekend is about to begin, I should have time to work on the new blog. When it’s completely ready, I will probably make one last post on the matter and switch the Bloglovin’ following over to the new blog.

Hope you’re doing well and aren’t too annoyed with me! ^_^

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