In which I had no time to write this past week.

Hi friends.

I had the GRE on Saturday morning, which was a stressful nightmare that I had to cram for and after which I crashed. Then Sunday and Monday were almost entirely spent on readings for all my classes. I essentially have four between Tuesday and Wednesday alone. The time I wasn’t reading or taking notes was spent sleeping, eating, and watching mind-numbing programming on Netflix (which is to say Gossip Girl, and the show is only really good while the main cast is still in high school so I really am embarrassed to say I’m at the end of season 4 and only now just decided to call it quits).

So instead of the regularly scheduled broadcast of What I’m Writing Wednesdays, I’m going to do a cheeky little update, because despite the horror that has been the past two weeks I’m still dedicated to this blog and making stuff.

I’m currently reading The Invasion of the Tearling. It’s been going really slowly because most nights I’m either mentally exhausted or my eyes are crossing from how much reading I’ve already done for school. But I’m still really enjoying this reread. I love the world and the characters. It’s a wonderfully cosy read I’m hoping to finish up before the end of the January, mostly because I want to get to the final book in the series which came out last November.

I haven’t written anything either. I’ve not made much progress since last week when I wrote my really excited post about making discoveries after sketching my protagonist’s home. I want to revisit my story this weekend and make more concrete plans for how I’m going to make my March writing goal. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to my writing buddy soon! I miss her and she gets me excited about writing.

So it’s pretty late and I’m ready to go to sleep. All day I was preparing for my role as discussion leader in my class which included preparing a handout on our four readings and devising discussion questions. I was actually way over prepared, which I always find really annoying instead of handy. I had a whole plan of the way I wanted it to go and my instructor is actually the person I blame for throwing a wrench in my plans, although rationally I appreciate that she saved me from doing more talking. I’m just glad I shouldn’t need to do any other “class presentation”-like thing this semester. They take more time than just doing the readings and taking notes!

I was going to keep it a surprise, but I have some things in the works for next week! I don’t want to say much more other than you can expect my next post probably next Tuesday on the last day of January.

I hope you’re doing well and forgive me for not doing a What I’m Writing Wednesday this week. In the comments let me know how your writing is going and ask me if there’s anything you want some quick help or advice on. I’m all ears and would love to be of some help.

Thank you for reading!
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