My Spring 2017 Semester Courses.

After some weeks of uncertainty I discovered that my last minute Capstone proposal had been approved and I had been selected for my specialized instruction by the advisor I wanted! So now that my schedule is now pretty much set I thought I’d do another post like last semester talking about the classes I’ll be taking just in case anyone is interested as prospective student in the Emerging Media & Communication (EMAC) M.A. program at the University of Texas at Dallas.

This will most likely be my final semester at UT Dallas, and after strenuous two years I’m excited to be completing my program at this school. I had some amazing instructors and life-changing classroom experiences that have opened my mind to the world we are living in and the possibilities I have for the future. I hope to continue my studies with a PhD in Fall 2018, but first I’m hoping to find a job for a year that will help me eliminate the debt I acquired last year.

Without any further ado, here’s my blurb of the nine credits I will be taking as a full-time Master’s student.

Social Technologies and Games (3 cr.)

I hadn’t thought I’d take another ATEC course, but this one stood out to me as one that could be of great value. As described in the syllabus this course will “investigate the material and immaterial technologies, rules, and processes that shape social relations in contemporary digital culture. Students will examine the opportunities and limitations for understanding social dynamics that analyzing games affords—both as objects of study and as a lens for studying social relations.” I took a digital culture class for my program last spring that focused on journalism, which was unfortunate for me because I do not find journalism as a field all that appealing. I think this course might offer a lot more relevance for things in digital culture that I’m much more interested in.

Emerging Media & Media Psychology (3 cr.)

I learned so much from the instructor of this course in the Social Science Perspectives of EMAC last semester that I knew this course would be of tremendous value, particularly as I seek to continue my graduate studies at a rigorous and prestigious university in the future. From what I’ve heard, this class will be a lot more like what I was hoping last semester’s would be, so it should focus on media effect theories that can be great objects of focus in media studies research, which is something I’m now really interested in.

Graduate Capstone (3 cr.)

Before you graduate from the EMAC M.A. program you must first complete a Capstone project which applies what you learned from the program into a creative project or research study. I decided to propose an experiment that I designed for my aforementioned Social Science Perspectives of EMAC course last semester. It was a quick one-off thing that I designed right before class, but I received some really good feedback on it that made me excited to actually pursue it. I will no doubt talk about the final project in more depth in the future on this blog, but for right now I’ll just say that right now it involves online book clubs and YouTube!

End Note

Like last semester I will also be a teaching assistant, however, I will likely have more responsibilities this semester in terms of what I do for the class as my advisor last semester was really chill with me. I’m a little scared that I’ve not been prepared for this, but I have no doubt I’ll be able to handle it and relish the challenge. This should be a really great semester and I look forward to seeing how this all turns out!

Thank you for reading!
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