What I’m Writing In 2017.

I had actually been planning to have an entirely different writing-related post go up tomorrow, but my heart wasn’t quite in it so I completely scrapped it and decided to try again once I’ve actually gotten some writing done. Today is that day!

This morning after a late breakfast, I sat down at the breakfast table with my MacBook Pro and a mug of coffee to look at all the docs I have on my story and decide what needs to be done first. Yesterday I had actually done a little bit of work on my story (miraculously too because I’ve been sick pretty much all 2017 with some sort of cold thus far). I plotted out some ideas that would get me from the beginning to the middle of my story.

Today I’ve written about 601 words so far in Scrivener of a new story beginning because I had an idea for something in the middle that would require something happen at the start of the story. More often than not it’s been a daunting process, but luckily I’ve been having fun to adjusting and problem solving here.

I would probably say that I’m about 1/4 of the way through a first draft at this point, because I’m still trying to salvage what I started in November 2016. So this year, specifically this semester, I’m going to be trying to finish this novel piece by piece, and I’ll try to document my journey and share any tips or ideas that I find helpful on my journey.

I want to go back to weekly Wednesday writing-related posts. The first half will be a diary of the trials and tribulations in my novel writing progress, and the second half will be a list of some things that might help spur your own writing, such as writing prompts or short brainstorming/motivation/plotting activities. I also may share other smaller writing projects I start up during the year, because I do want to experiment with writing formats this year in addition to my writing.

To summarize, here are my writing resolutions for 2017:

  1. Finish my first novel (and have a query-ready draft by the end of the year)
    1. Sub-goal: Write at least one scene per day
  2. Complete a separate short story each month in experimental and interactive formats (i.e. Twine, animations, short story, etc.)
  3. Publish at least one writing-related blog post each week (on What I’m Writing Wednesdays)

End Note

Let me know if you have any suggestions for next week’s post, including any questions about my own story that you may be curious about. I’ve talked about my story in past here on this blog so you may be able to do some easy searching to find out what it’s about. Because it might change soon, I’m holding off on providing a new summary here just yet. I will dedicate an entirely separate post (and perhaps a static blog page) dedicated to my novel once the first draft is closer to being complete.

I’m off to go clean my room and read! I also want to finally break out my Wacom drawing tablet tonight so you may see some stuff about that soon. On another note, I am seriously thinking of starting up my YouTube channel again once I get back to Dallas. I bought a $15 tripod at Best Buy, so I’m excited to set up a filming space in Dallas and film a New Year’s Resolutions video as soon as I can. I want my channel to be about reading, writing, and creative endeavors so I’m excited to start creating and documenting there! More on what this channel will be will come in a separate post probably some time next week.

Thank you for reading!
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