What I’m Writing for NaNoWriMo ’16


Happy November!

We are now in the midst of NaNoWriMo writing season and since it’s been a while since I updated you on my story, I thought I’d do that now at the beginning of the month as opposed to at the end. As you may recall, I outlined my novel in September, but I remember even then doubting the ending I’d devised and knew I’d have to change it if I wanted to stick to my outline this November. That did end up happening and I started NaNoWriMo with a loose outline.

My Novel

I am writing the YA fantasy/steampunk set in an 1920s-esque alternative universe; it’s basically novel that you may have heard me talk about all year if you’ve been following me on this blog since January. My story has been inspired by many of my favorite fantasy novels and movies. I’ve also taken much inspiration from my German literature & ideas class which is centered on German literature and culture from 1890–1950 (roughly), which you may be aware was fairly tumultuous period of world history.

I don’t think the final first draft will be completed in 50,000 words so I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it over Thanksgiving Break which this year is November 19th–27th. Although in my wildest dreams I imagine this novel being the first of a prospective series, I’ve decided to start treating it like a standalone novel. So I’m going to spend the rest of the year after NaNoWriMo polishing it up, then hopefully I’ll be able to find some beta readers to tell me what they think so I can edit a bit more before I decide if I really want to query it at all or maybe even turn it into an interactive narrative…

Progress Thus Far

I think that if I succeed at NaNoWriMo this year, it will be completed owed to strong start so I decided to prioritize writing this first week of November before I get insanely busy with end of the semester assignments. I technically started writing on Halloween, just because I figured it was close enough and I also figured I may not write much this weekend because my parents come up for my mom’s birthday. So I woke up November 1st with 1,043 words in my pocket! And I set off with a goal to write 5,000 words every day from Tuesday–Friday.

On Halloween I got so much done, including my major assignments for this week! So the only things I need to do this week are to attend class Wednesday and a TA workshop on Friday. So if I don’t take advantage of this beginning of the month momentum, I would be terribly silly!

So if all goes to according to plan, I will be at 20,000 words by November 5th! I’m so excited to make this a reality.

Yesterday I decided to sit down before I started writing and make an outline for the parts of my story that I wanted to write that day. It worked splendidly and have decided to do the same every day and each time I sit down to write. I feel so much more happy with what I write when I have a direction and know that it’s all leading up to something important to the story as as whole.

I hadn’t really expected this, but I’ve actually been writing my story chronologically for the most part, meaning I started at the beginning. I hadn’t been too excited by former beginnings of this novel, so I was surprised I felt drawn to this part of the story right off the bat. So it will be interesting to see in a week’s time in my next NaNoWriMo progress post if I’m still writing in chronological order.

 On the Blog

I do not want my blog writing to interfere with my novel writing this month, so I’m going to be trying to restrain myself to weekly update posts. I also hope to be able to read and get other things done this month so I may also be blogging about things not related to writing, but hopefully not to the extent that it becomes a distraction from writing! I am also planning to relaunch my BookTube channel (you may have seen a post that wasn’t ready to go up this past weekend *facepalm*), so I may also have writing videos up on YouTube.

Next on the blog, you will hopefully be able to see my thoughts on Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, the short story anthology I read two weekends ago. I haven’t dedicated a blog post to a single book in a long time so I’m excited to give it another shot soon. Until then…

Thank you for reading!
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