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Just to treat myself after an incredibly stressful week (see yesterday’s post), I went shopping today for some nonessentials for book blogging pictures that I’ve been wanting to get for a while, plus a few extra things that caught my eye. The places I went had some amazing deals today, so I thought I’d do a quick post sharing so that if anyone else wants to pay them a visit they can take the utmost advantage!

Below I’ve divided my haul’s contents into sections by store: Target and Hobby Lobby. I’ve also included the item prices and rationale for why I bought them. If you have any other tips for how I might make the best use of these things, please let me know in the comments below! Also let me know if you like this sort of post as I can do more in the future. Not too regularly though, as I’m not that frequent a shopper! ^_^

Target Haul


Paper mouse pad monthly calendar | $1

I hadn’t realized these were for use as a mouse pad, but I just intend to keep it on my desk or stick them on the wall with push pins. I wanted a displayable calendar so that I could keep track of my reading, writing, and research goals and motivate myself with placing stickers on the days where I’ve been successful! (V.E. Schwab was the inspiration behind this idea.) I might also use a separate one each month for important test/assignment due dates.

Starry copper-wired LED lights (10 ct.) | $3

I love buying fairy lights! These I found in the cheap/seasonal section at the Target entry. I’ve seen some bookstagrammers use them in their photos so I thought they might be a nice little addition to some photos. They are battery-powered, so I’ll need to make sure I have the right batteries.

Adhesive fall leaf shapes  (20 ct.) | $3

These were another random purchase! Fall is my favorite season, so I can see myself decorating my desk area or corkboard with these or using them as #bookstagram photo fillers in the next few months. I’m sure they’ll be fun to play with.

Halloween-themed 3D stickers (86 ct.) | $2.99

On the hunt for star stickers at Target for my calendar, I ran across these bad boys in the stationary isles. They were an impulse buy, but I’m sure I’ll find more ways to use them. I had a bad habit of collecting stickers as a kid, saving them because I want to use them on something extra special. So I’m going to try and not be so precious about these stickers! Life’s too short.

Hobby Lobby Haul


Gypsophila paniculata (aka “baby’s breath”) | Reg. price $11.99 (On sale: 50% off!)

Some of my favorite bookstagrammers use baby’s breath in their photos and I’ve long wanted to get my hands on some! It was the main reason I went to Hobby Lobby today. As they were on sale, I got the natural looking beige/off-white bouquet and the ones dyed in this vibrant blue color that reminds me of when I dyed my hair in February!

Star stickers (226 ct.) | Reg. price $1.99 (On sale: 50% off!)

I’d wanted to buy some more star stickers for my external motivation. I bought some at Target (160 ct. for $2.49), but I knew Hobby Lobby would have a much better selection. To my surprise, the huge collection of stickers by The Paper Studio were 50% off today as well! I was tempted to splurge, but I told myself to wait and maybe return later if I could think of practical uses for more. So I just bought two packets of 226 stickers each. I think it’s safe to say I’m well set on star stickers for a while.

Thank you for reading!
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