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I haven’t done a Sunday Snapshot in ages and I had planned to do one this weekend as I felt like there’s so much going on right now, I really wanted to do a post talking about it all. Then I spent all weekend reading Empire of Storms (★★★★★) and I just didn’t have enough time to make this the post I wanted it to be. But I’m going to try and do it anyway before I go to sleep, as I don’t think I’ll be able to blog at all this week.

ss911First, of all, I do want to apologize to anyone who might have seen an incomplete version of a post I want to do about how I’ve managed to balance all my commitments (school, blogging, writing, etc.) It was supposed to go up this weekend, but I haven’t had time to finish it because of the reading I mentioned above! Empire of Storms really couldn’t have come out a worse week! I’m sure to suffer tomorrow night in German Lit. as I was supposed to read Man of Straw by Heinrich Mann in it’s entirety, but now I’m just hoping I can reach the halfway point and can find something like Sparknotes on it. (I do plan to read it thoroughly eventually however, as my presentation for this class will be on Mann and his brother, Thomas.)

This weekend I was at my parents’ home dog-sitting. My dad turned 50 this weekend and they had celebrated by going to Louisiana to the casinos. I was happy to do that for them, as I didn’t have much else in mind for a present and I miss the dogs so much while I’m at college. Enjoy a picture of my Jack Russell mutt called Ty (to the left).

Tomorrow I drive back to Dallas with a car filled with kitchen things, a vacuum, and some trashcans as I believe I will be finally able to move into an on-campus apartment tomorrow! I received an email on Friday presenting me with some options and I responded quickly with my top three preferences. As I responded so quickly, I’m fairly hopeful I’ll be given my first choice. I await confirmation, though. So I’ll probably call tomorrow morning before I leave to try to make sure. Moving in will be a week-long process, and I’ll not get my furniture before next weekend when my parents are able to drive it all up.

These past three weeks have not been the easiest, but I’m really pleased at how I’m managed and I’m happy that I’ll soon have some stability as I complete my final two semesters at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). I’m certain I want to graduate this spring, and it’s all beginning to feel quite sudden as I’ve finally begun looking into my options for a doctoral program and I’ve found one that looks like a perfect fit for me and my interests at Boston University (BU). They have a PhD program in Emerging Media Studies that I think will expand upon what I’ve been learning at UTD. Best of all, it’s in a location that I’ve always wanted to end up.

This past Thursday I signed up for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) which is a standardized test that many graduate schools require applicants take. I’ll take it at the end of October, so I plan to start preparing for it soon so that I can do really well on it. I also really want to direct more attention toward the research I’m most interested in and want to find my niche in. My CV could use a lot of beefing up at the moment, so I also want to find other things I can do, this semester especially, that can go onto it. The deadline for the application to BU is due on January 15, 2017, so I essentially just have this semester to prove myself worthy of acceptance.

End Note

This week I will be oh so busy with moving into my apartment and keeping up with classes that I doubt I will be read or write much, yet alone blog. I am truly annoyed at the timing as this week is the Mystery-A-Thon which I was so excited about. I do think I will be able to finish at least one book for it this week, which I had hoped to actually finish before this week: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post if you made it this far! Every one of my blog readers mean the world to me. I’m really excited to share more about my writing soon (as I did have some more developments this past week). I’m also excited to experiment with new ways of book blogging, as I’ve always wanted to do on this blog. Overall, I’m really excited about everything right now and I’m sorry I’ll be a little absent this week. To keep up with me while I’m too busy to blog, make sure to follow me on social media (links down below). See you soon! ^_^

Thank you for reading!
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