Writing in August ’16


I lost my writing mojo a little bit at the beginning of the month. But I’m slowly getting it back as I read more books that inspire what kind of story I want to write. Two major things are happening this month that I anticipate will be affecting how much work I’m able to do on my story this month and the ones following.

  1. I’m starting my second, and final, year of grad school (counting towards my MA, at least).
  2. I’m starting my new job as a TA!

So needless to say, I will be losing a large chunk of my free time. Luckily, I love my program of study! Especially as I will also need to begin developing my Capstone project this semester, which is the large, cumulative project that EMAC MA students need to complete in order to graduate.

But I still intend to be reading and writing, which is why I intend to look ahead at the beginning of each month and decide what I need to accomplish toward my goal of writing my first novel this year. This month I have only two goals, but I expect they will challenge me nevertheless.


Settle on plot. This is the first thing I know I must do before I start writing. I’m really close to deciding exactly what I’d like to happen. I just want to be sure I like it enough to stick with it so I don’t have to scrap completely everything in revision. I feel like I need a definitive plan to guide me through the writing, or else I’ll lose motivation or heart in what I’m doing.

Write 15,000 words. I think this is achievable, but still will put a little pressure on me to complete. I’m hoping to be well on my way to completing this goal before I return to Dallas.

End Note

I had meant for this post to come out sooner, but I never quite finished it! So I apologize to anyone who may have read the unfinished version as I do have a reoccurring problem with posts being scheduled, me forgetting about them, and then the posts going up incomplete! It’s a source of perpetual embarrassment.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about myself this year is I gain so much inspiration to write from reading books that I aspire for my own books to one day sit amongst in bookstores. Sometimes, though, reading has the effect of me not writing at all if I can’t put the book down long enough to work on my own stories. So another unofficial goal of mine is find a balance between reading and writing.

I’m currently reading The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud, book two in The Bartimaeus Trilogy. I’m truly interested, what books are do currently reading as you write?

Thank you for reading!
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