#MakeMeRead It Wrap Up + #AmReading Update

In this post, I will be doing my #MakeMeRead Wrap Up and a general reading update. Since I don’t do many read-a-thons anymore, I rarely spend time reflecting on the books I read beyond monthly wrap ups (or as I’ve been calling them notes) or book reviews (which are probably the least read posts I spend time making). So I thought I’d squeeze a reading update into this post, as I’ve been thinking about my reading progress on my Goodreads Reading Challenge a lot lately and figure it is about time I assess my progress.

#MakeMeRead Wrap Up


Today marks the end of the #MakeMeRead read-a-thon and I am happy to announce that I finished the first place book on my poll, Cinder! And two other books before that which were not on my poll…

At the start of the read-a-thon, I was still currently rereading Siege and Storm, the second book in the Grisha trilogy, and after finishing it I felt I needed to also reread the last book Ruin and Rising. Because of those delays, I didn’t manage to pick up Cinder until Thursday night, and that was a challenge because I did not want to leave the Grisha universe so soon again and was seriously considering moving right on to Six of Crows, which I read earlier this year.

Luckily I made myself a deal to read the first chapter of Cinder before officially deciding what book I would read next, because the first chapter definitely wooed me into the book. I found it a pretty fast, easy, and fun read. I did think the characters were pretty flat and wooden though. Not sure when you can expect a book review; possibly the week after next.

Reading Update

Because my reading goal is 60, I’ve needed to be reading at least 5 books per month. So by my calculations, to be on track by the end of July would mean I’d need to read 12 books by July 30th. Which isn’t going to happen! (Although, maybe by the end of August…)

GR Reading Challenge

I have consistently been about 9 books behind on the challenge all summer, which is kind of funny! Obviously progress is being made, but not at the rate needed to get me back on schedule. I would really like to be caught up with it by the end of August when I go back to Dallas for my final year of grad school. Which is why I’ve decided to prioritize more light, easy books, while also attacking my TBR pile of owned books.

So I’ve been thinking about what I could read over the rest of July. Starting the Lunar Chronicles was the best thing that could have happened to me at this point in the summer! I’m pretty sure I’ll plow through the rest of this series over the rest of month, if not over the rest of next week while I’m on vacation. I’ve already started to read Scarlet and can move right on to Cress from there, but I do need to buy Winter and probably Fairest too. And after consulting my Intimidating TBR Pile (which was supposed to double as my summer TBR which I kind of forgot), I’ve decided I could also probably finish The Graveyard Book pretty easily this month.

End Note

Tomorrow I will be posting writing update as well as forecast for the next week as I will be going on vacation but still plan to be doing stuff and being active online! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you managed to get to the end and still be interested. Let me know in the comments if you’ve read the Lunar Chronicles and what you thought. (No spoilers, please!)

I still need to read, write, and pack, so before I get too rambling I’ll say goodbye and see you tomorrow with another post! ^_^

Thank you for reading!
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