Writing on Wattpad | #AmWriting (06.15.16)

Do you write on, or read stories, on Wattpad?

I’ve known of Wattpad for probably over a year now, first being introduced to it by one of my favorite BookTubers (Katytastic) who began posting her fanfiction and original work on the site. Then I had the opportunity this spring to explore the app/website more fully for a class assignment, my tool review going up on this blog in February.

I had mulled around a few ideas about how I wanted to use Wattpad then, for my current novel idea and short story anthology. But my writing buddy “Elle” beat me to the punch and began posting her story last month, and now I want to join her!

Unlike Elle, I do not already have a draft of the story I will be publishing starting this Sunday and continuing weekly. I will be working on the novel I’ve been working on all summer, hopefully ending the summer in a place where I’m happy with the story’s development. All I know is that I’ve lost my motivation and I need to make writing fun again.


  1. I want to publish a new chapter every Sunday.
  2. I want to have at least 20 chapters in the final story.
  3. I want to get to a place where I am at least a chapter ahead of posting each week.

That’s it. I don’t have any word count goals. By the end of this little expedition, I’d like to be happy with writing again. I don’t want to worry where the story will end up going, but I do want to have it be cohesive and well-thought out. I think I’ll be able to edit previous chapters, so I may do some of that as I go.

The most logical place to start right now, as I have 3-4 days to work on my first installment, seems to me to write the climax of the story so that there’s appropriate foreshadowing leading up to it. So I might try and do that first, then write my prologue which may or may not be recycled from previous writing attempts (of which there are several).

So if you’re interested in reading what I write each week, follow me on Wattpad where I’m @loriwrites. I’ll probably be doing at least weekly #AmWriting updates to share what I’m doing there.

Thank you for reading!
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