The State of Things & My Immediate Plans

Hi! Sorry I’ve been so absent recently! I’m hoping to have some regular posts going up as soon as tomorrow, but I did want to just give a quick update here since it feels like forever since I’ve done anything on this blog.

The first half of June has been highly unproductive, which is the primary reason why I’ve not blogged. I’ve still not been able to make myself write and I’ve still not finished Middlesex! (Truth be told I skipped to ahead to the end a week ago, but I still want to finish the 100 or so pages in between before I mark this book read and move onto my next read!)

I Skyped my writing buddy and overall pal Sara yesterday (who’s blogging now as “Elle” at the Nishume Chronicles!) and it got me motivated to start getting stuff done! She’s been posting her first novel chapter-by-chapter weekly over on Wattpad, which has really inspired me to want to do that. Even though I don’t have a novel anywhere nearly developed as hers. So I do want to get on that whole writing thing.

We actually decided that maybe I should just start writing with deadlines and by the seat of my pants, so to speak. So I’m aiming to post a prologue of this “new” story this upcoming Sunday where I’m @loriwrites. I think I’m setting myself a 20 chapter goal to have this story completed by, and it’s probably going to be a draft of my April Camp NaNoWriMo novel, so if you’re interested in reading an imperfect draft of a what will hopefully be my first novel then do go follow me and the story over there. I probably won’t be promoting it here again.

So that’s what I’ll be up to this week after I finish Middlesex. I’m actually about to finally go see Captain America: Civil War in an hour! But after dinner I do intend to finish up that book & its review, then start brainstorming about the story I’ll be trying write over the next few weeks.

I do think I will be doing an official writing post tomorrow explaining more about the project, which I can tell you right now is an exercise to get me excited about writing again without worrying about quality or originality. Actually, I think I have time to go start that right now! So I’ll be off now.

Thank you for reading!
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