New Beginnings | #AmWriting (05.25.16)

Well, this post has been a long time coming! I’ve tried to write this post a few times, as I have wanted to explain why I have been so absent. But in the end I think I had spared enough time thinking about it on my own that I never felt the desire to write some formal post explaining why I failed at Camp NaNo or why I no longer felt like writing. It was all still too fresh and I wasn’t all that happy about it.

But now that my summer has begun and I’m ready to return to writing I’d like to finally fill you all in on what’s been on my mind and hopefully start anew.

What Happened

So I had started off April pretty confident that I could win Camp NaNo. I had also been attempting Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA), having just starting vlogging again on my channel, but I ultimately ended up quitting that early on because it was taking up so much time away from reading and writing. By the end of the month, I had let enough days go by without writing that I realized I had lost all motivation to write.

I wasn’t excited about my story and I didn’t want to write just to write. From past experience, I knew the futility of writing without enjoyment. So I decided to just stop, and I haven’t written anything since.

A couple of weeks ago, after finally starting to read more, I began thinking about writing again. I became inspired again. And now that school’s finally out and I’ve completely moved out of my apartment and don’t have much to do yet, I’m ready to start thinking about how to bring my own stories to life.

Projects In Mind

What exactly I want to start writing first is a real question I’ve debated over the last week. If you read my Summer Goals, I talk about an idea I have for writing an interactive narrative story using Twine. And if you followed me here to Ink Keys & Other Things from my old blog Books o’ the Wisp, you might recall me talking about Twine and the stories I was writing for my interactive narrative class.

The story I would kind of like to return to is the story that was my final project. I think the idea I had for that story works really well within an interactive narrative format, which is why I’m thinking about revisiting it. In addition, it would give me more opportunities to reflect on interactive narrative.

Alternatively, I would also still like to work on is EMatST, my Camp NaNo novel. I feel like this is the novel I would want to be my first real novel because it literally feels like it is the novel I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve had the protagonist in my mind since high school and I’ve watched her and her world evolve as I’ve tried to figure out her story. So I would still like to see this novel materialize by the end of the year.

Moving Forward

I do not think it would be good for me to try and commit to regular writing posts the way I was doing earlier this year with my Novel Progress and then Camp NaNo update posts. Instead, I’m thinking I’ll write a new post every time I have a major story insight or a lot of progress to share.

At the very least, I might make them fortnightly like my pal Ely has done for her writing updates. Just to make sure I’m not procrastinating, so that there’s at least 2 posts promised per month. You can, however, probably expect a post next week confirming which project I’ve decided to take on and the progress I’ve made thus far.

That’s all I got for now! Expect a new writing post potentially as early as this weekend describing my interactive narrative project!

Thank you for reading!
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