Still Image Object v2

Sorry if this post confused you earlier this week (if it shown up in your feed at all). I decided to post my homework submission here on this blog and link to it from my class blog.

I create these still image objects for my digital textuality class’ Multimedia Portfolio, which consisted of a text, still image, sound, and moving image object (of which I’ve linked the final version here if you are interested) that depict my adaptions of Kikyo’s tragic love story from the anime Inuyasha. Most of these images were created using the Paper app on my iPhone 6 while I was on the road to Dallas. I also used Instagram filters and the Layout app.


It was a lot of fun to play with and I can see myself using it more in the future. The app allowed me to upload picture from my Photo Album and paint over it. When I was done, I was also to save it with the background image below or remove it and put something else in its place.

IMG_4651 IMG_4660IMG_4666 IMG_4664 IMG_4676 IMG_4702 IMG_4697

IMG_4705 (1) IMG_4699 IMG_4684

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