Looking forward.

Sunday Snapshot

I find myself looking forward as this will be my final week of classes for the Spring 2016 semester. On Monday in my digital textuality class, we will be doing our final workshops on our Moving Image objects. After Tuesday I will be completely done with my digital culture class; our last day will consist final presentations and pizza. And Wednesday night will be our last class time to work on our group app projects and receive feedback from the instructor before our final presentations the following week. After that, I will have just be finishing up my Multimedia Portfolio for my digital textuality class which is due Monday, May 9th.

I’m excited to be finished with the semester, but not too excited about the moving out of my apartment process. My dad will be renting a trailer to attach to his Tahoe and we will be taking apart my furniture and moving it all ourselves, which will be made more difficult if weather is bad which we can’t predict in Dallas. I’m seriously considering living out of a hotel next semester if I don’t manage to get an on-campus apartment to avoid the trouble of bills and moving. It’d present different challenges, but it might save me money in the long run hopefully.

Anyway, these are the things occupying my mind at the moment when I would rather be enjoying my last few weeks in Dallas and trying to read, write, blog, etc.

As I am at a bit of turning point in my life right now, I decided to tell you what I have in mind for the blog in the next couple of weeks. I have planned posts for the first couple of weeks of May that are not just Wednesday or writing-related! I was tempted to share my schedule here, but I have an April Wrap Up + May TBR post coming up next Sunday in which I can better share those plans.

As far as writing goes specifically, I will go ahead and tell you now that I official threw in the towel with Camp NaNoWriMo on Thursday night after Skyping with my writing buddy Sara. I just realized I’ve lost all will to write at the moment and need some time to regroup on my story and focus on myself over the last week of April. Therefore I will be doing my final Camp NaNoWriMo update this Wednesday in which I’ll better explain my writing headspace right now along with any learnings I can share. This will also be my last post of April I think.

This week I am going to do my best to finish up my final projects. I am also going to be working on future posts for May so I can hit the ground running. I also want to use this week to read as I’m now five books behind on my Goodreads reading challenge! If you’re interested in what I might get up to over the week, make sure to follow me on my other social media platforms.

Thank you for reading!
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