The Return of the FitBit + Exciting News!

Sunday Snapshot

As I write this post, it is just about to be 5 p.m. and I just had an early dinner from Sonic! I went to campus to try and be productive and all I ended up doing was walking all around campus and visiting the library. I’m wearing my FitBit again to gear up for summer and I broke 10,000 steps before 4 p.m. It was great! I’m in a Weekend Warrior challenge with my family and I might actually win if I can rack up a few thousand more steps before midnight.

ss3I don’t have much to share this Sunday other than one bit of exciting news I received on Tuesday: I was selected for a TA-ship! It means that I will be a teaching assistant to an undergraduate class or two next semester and in exchange have my tuition covered and receive a monthly stipend. As I’ve been funding my graduate studies and living expenses entirely with loans, this is a really big deal for me. Not least because I’m hoping to continue my studies with a Ph.D program after I finish my MA degree, so this will also be a big resume booster! I’m so excited for next semester.

Anyway, my real priority for the rest of the day is reach 10,000 words in my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, write more of my last paper for digital culture, and start a new book because I’ve not been reading much at all over the past two weeks. I decided to put The Winner’s Crime down because I’ll have next month to read it but I only have a few more weeks to utilize my school library while I’m in Dallas. Some of the new books I ended up picking up today were World’s Greatest Sleuth, At the Water’s Edge, and The Imposter Queen, which are a little different from the things I’ve been reading (primarily YA fantasy). I also decided to renew my loan of The Accidental Highwayman, just because it’s so out there from anything I’ve read over the last year and I just feel like I need to read something random. Random is the new theme of the second half of April.

You might realize I’ve not been sticking to my goal from the beginning of the month to stick to my new schedule, but I’ve not been able to finish any of the posts I’ve had in mind. I’m hoping to start posting more next week, after this paper is out of the way along with more of group project for an app we’re prototyping. I’ll probably be busy throughout the rest of April. But after this paper is out of the way, I shouldn’t have trouble getting the rest of my assignments done.

Well I best be off if I want to write anything before 8 p.m. when I Skype my writing buddy Sara. You can expect a new post by Wednesday at the earliest, with my Camp NaNoWriMo Week 3 Summary/Survey/what-have-you; I haven’t decided yet how I will be formatting it. Depending on how busy I am this Tuesday, I would like to attempt a 10K Tuesday. I think usually 10K Tuesdays are on the last Tuesday of the month, but I’ll need all the help I can get to finish Camp victorious!

Thank you for reading!
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