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Welcome back to my latest installment of Novel Progress, which I’ve re-labeled temporarily for the month of April in which I participate in Camp NaNoWriMo! Sorry if you saw an earlier version of this post; I forgot to reschedule it after deciding it would not go up at its normal time! Also, I did not end up writing what I wanted to write for my novel before I wrote this blog post so I needed extra time to decide what exactly I wanted to talk about.

I’ve decided to give these Camp NaNoWriMo progress updates this month in the form of a Q&A survey! I’m thinking I will try to answer all these same question each week, but I might add questions as they arise. I’ve also just realized if you have any suggestions I could also add those as well!

1. When are you making time to write?

I’m just going to admit here and now that I have not gotten off to the greatest start this week. I’ve only written one day and so I’ve been sitting at 1,917 words since April 2nd. I got super busy with class assignments (which you might know if you’ve been following my VEDA videos). Also, I’ve struggled with writing motivation, doubting myself and my story. But enough is enough and I finally know where I want to go from here.

On my class days, I’ve felt most inspired to write in the afternoon between 3–6 p.m. I just think it’s a great time between lunch and dinner to sit down during the day and be productive. The only problem has been that it’s also been my favorite time to do my assignments.

2. What scenes have you written thus far?

The very first thing I ended up writing on April 2nd was an introductory chapter in which my protagonist has a chance meeting with a character that is going to become very important in her life and the story further down the road. I really love this character and would love to write more about him so I’m trying to focus my attention on my protagonist and what she needs to do.

3. What are the next scenes you know you are going to write?

At midnight, I had a really cool idea for where the climax of the story will place in this draft of my novel!  I think it is a really cool idea that will allow a lot of fun things I’ve had in mind to be realized! I’m really excited to beginning crafting the image of this place and begin brainstorming about the scenes that will happen here and the events that will lead to this place.

I also have ideas for the encounters that my protagonist will experience with the villain(s) of the story that will lead up to the climax!

4. What are you most excited to revise after April?

I feel like my storytelling voice is very passive right now and I can’t wait to try and make the story more exciting simply by experimenting with my writing style. I feel like it’s important right now to just write everything that comes to mind about setting, description, etc. and so I can’t wait to convert my telling language into showing language.

5. What are you going to do differently over the next week?

I’ve realized (through writing this post actually) that I have a window of time in which I most would like to write that I need to prioritize for strictly writing. So I’ve decided to treat the hours between 3–5 p.m. as hours exclusively dedicated to writing and working on the story. So I will prepare for this block of time, ahead of time by making sure I’m able to sit down and think of nothing but what I’m writing.

Also, I’ve realized that I’ll write more if I go on a scene-by-scene basis. In my last Novel Progress update (Novel Progress #8 | Camp NaNoWriMo Game Plan) I had had this grand plan to write a chapter per day, but that’s become unrealistic given the unexpected change my story underwent on the last day of March! So I’m switching to a Word document in which I’ll be able to scroll up and down and writing wherever I feel most inspired to write.

 End Note

I am hoping to have a much better second week of writing now that these major assignments of the beginning of the month are out of the way. I anticipate the end of the month becoming very frantic again with final projects, so I really need to have a really strong writing game over the next two weeks. I know I can do this. I keep reminding myself I’ve done it before! If you are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, let me know in the comments below! I hope you’ve been able to write more than I have. But if you haven’t, just know it’s not too late to get started.

Thank you for reading!
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