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This has been an absolutely lovely weekend. So lovely I thought I would do another Sunday Snapshot as I haven’t done one since Valentine’s Day and I really like this loose format and the chance to just give a chatty snapshot of my life at this moment in time. I only have about one proper month left of school and I trying to end the semester strong and also get myself ready for summer projects, most of which will hopefully combine my studies and online creativity.

ss2After all the chaos and confusion about the new algorithmic change by Instagram, I’ve somehow managed to break 100 followers! I still can’t quite believe it and am just waiting for them all to change their minds and unfollow. I have been posting more regularly over there, though, and it’s become fun again.

The picture to the left is one I took today of the books I finally received yesterday (and opened in my latest video)! I had pre-ordered The Winner’s Kiss about a month ago, along with Six of Crows and A Court of Thorns and Roses, which I’ve already read and decided to finally buy. I can’t wait to get to them all. I still need to read The Winner’s Crime, so I’ll be doing that very soon.

I’ve currently been reading The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. It’s been a fantastic read. I plan to review it this week and it should be going up on Thursday! I have a new layout I’ve been experimenting with today and I can’t wait to debut it. I feel like it’s going to make book reviewing exciting again. I might even try to do a book talk on my BookTube channel.

Speaking of the BookTube channel, I decided at the spur of the moment to do VEDA this month, which stands for “Vlog Every Day in April.” I’m glad April started over the weekend because I’ve needed the extra time to get used to filming and uploading everyday. It’s such a time-consuming task! But I really feel like I’m going to come out of April with a better knowledge of how to do things. I actually can’t wait for summer to put more effort and creativity into the channel.

If you would like to follow me over there, my VEDA videos are basically Camp NaNoWriMo progress updates, as I am participating in the writing event and want my BookTube channel to have an even balance of reading and writing videos going forward.

New Schedule

I have decided I would like to post at least three days a week over the month of April: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday. Sundays will be for random posts, maybe in the form of some more chatty Sunday Snapshots. Wednesdays will be for writing updates (as always), specifically my Camp NaNoWriMo updates. And Thursdays will be for book reviews/talks/whatever format I feel like exploring in order to document my thoughts on the books I read. The first of these posts will come later this week on The Wrath and Dawn!

I think three posts a week sounds perfectly do-able, particularly with my busy VEDA schedule. I should also have just enough time between school assignments to read and write as well so that I have thoughts to share! Now I just need to get organized.

Thank you for reading!
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  1. Hey there – just discovered your blog and its lovely! Its always nice to find more bookish people 🙂

    And you totally have to read a court of thorns and roses – its probably one of my favourite fairytale retellings! Sarah J Maas never DISAPPOINTS!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! <3 I have actually read ACOTAR already, Six of Crows too. That why I knew I HAD to own them! I agree with you, ACOTAR is an amazing fairytale retelling ^_^

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