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Welcome back to another week of Novel Progress here on Ink Keys & Other Things. I did not write anything this past week beyond a few short lines that came to me as I was brainstorming and plotting. But in this week’s post I actually have quite a bit to share and I hope this post is coherent! I developed a Camp NaNoWriMo game plan that I’ve not seen anywhere else that I think will suit my needs as a writer and help me achieve what I want out of Camp this April.

Plotting and Outlining

Plotting has been the most important thing I’ve needed to do to get ready for Camp NaNoWriMo. I made it an absolute priority this past week to work out the major plot points for the story by listing every fun idea I had for the characters down on an individual notecard. I didn’t need to know the order they would go in, or if every idea would make the final cut. But the important thing was that I was able to look at all my ideas and decide what the major plot points could be based on what I have.

For more information on this method, read “How to Create a Flexible Outline for Your Novel” by Faye from Writerology. It’s a short, quick read that inspired my work this weekend.

I am not all the way complete with everything I need to know about the story, but I’m far enough to where I hope that I find my way. I’ve had to make some hasty decisions already that I’m not sure about but which I’m just going to go with as I refuse to wait around any longer, waiting for divine intervention!

The Game Plan

I am going into Camp NaNoWriMo this April with a pretty detailed plan for how I want things to go! My idea is to write one chapter of my book per day, each chapter being at least 1,667 words long. I might cheat on my word count a little by not subtracting words that are notes or a to-do list of things I need to remember to include post-Camp. But writing everyday is not something that I think will come too easily to me, so I’m not going to be too strict on technicalities!

Each day before I start writing, I want to have some sort of mini-outline for what I want to happen in the chapter. I think it will help make sure that the story keeps moving each day, because I’ve learned over the last few months that I can write a lot of words that lead nowhere! Also, since a priority is to complete a new chapter everyday with at least 1,667 words, if I don’t end up having enough time to finish writing everything I want to write in one chapter, I want to be able to move on to the next chapter and not worry that I won’t remember what I need to go back and finish or fix. That’s another reason I’m counting notes toward my word count.

I’ll be treating each chapter as it’s own entity, not worrying about what needs to come after, or what came before. I think this will keep me from getting discouraged if I don’t like what I wrote the previous day. Every day will be a fresh start with a new beginning. The only technical difficulty I imagine I might have might be outlining the chapter before I write it. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take time away from writing (by becoming a means for procrastination) and that I’m never at a loss for ideas.

I will be writing in Scrivener because I think the page division will really work for how I intend to write my story in April. But I will be backing everything up every night on Google Drive, where I will be sharing my words with my writing buddy Sara! I’ve been helping her as she edits her novel this year, and I know she really wants to see my work so this works for her too! (I’ve pre-warned her that nothing is set in stone and that I won’t be writing in order, so it might not be a pleasant reading experience for her if she decides to read-a-long as I write!)

 End Note

If you are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this April, let me know in the comments along with whether you know what you’ll be writing yet and how you’re feeling about it! I intend to keep up with my weekly Novel Progress installments each Wednesday, they’ll just be a lot more focused on writing progress than anything else. Of course, I’ll remember to share any tips I discover along the way.

And if you didn’t already know, I uploaded a new introduction video on my YouTube channel! It’s very rough, but I’m so happy I plucked up the courage to just do it! Ideally, I would like to do a video everyday in April, but realistically I can’t promise that. Instead expect a new video at least once a week concerning Camp NaNoWriMo progress! So follow me on there if you’d like to see something other than these written blog posts! ^_^

Thank you for reading!
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