Week in Rewind #2

I’ve decided to continue on with this Week in Rewind feature on Ink Keys and Other Things. But unlike last week (see Week in Rewind #1) where I kept a short log of the productive parts of each day, I’ve decided to just do random highlights this week! I don’t want this feature to become a time-consuming, stressful thing to write so I’ll continue to experiment each week with how to record what I want to share and remember. I might never formally adopt a permanent format.

This Week

➴ Grad School

I had my first presentations of the semester this past Monday in my Digital Textuality class which went well. There were only like five people in the class that night and it was a really positive experience. The topics of my presentations were my reviews for two text tools of my choice. I chose Wattpad, which I’ve wanted to start using since about last November, and Twine, which I’ve been somewhat obsessed with since learning about it last September. In case you missed it, I did post a revised version of my review of Wattpad on Tuesday and I hope to post the Twine review later this week.

➴ Reading

Reading took a bit of a backseat this week. I started The Girl from Everywhere last week, and it’s not been a captivating read yet. What I really want to do is finish up all the books I’m “currently reading” on Goodreads and finally begin to reread some books I’ve been wanting to revisit, which is a hefty list in itself. I don’t where I’m going to start when I finally get the chance. To see what’s on my immediate list of books to read, see my Bookentine 2016 TBR post that went up on Friday.

➴ Writing

This was a big week for writing! Something I’m not sure I mentioned in Novel Progress #2 this week was that I had hit a road block over the past week in my story. While I had plotted my story very loosely a couple of weeks ago, I had gotten very hung up on the fact that I didn’t have a strong opening Hook to my story and that my protagonist’s parents were a lot more interesting than my protagonist. So I while I have been busy with school, I’ve also just not written much because I didn’t know what to do. But I’m happy to report I’ve worked my way out of this problem!

I don’t want to talk much more about what I did, because I plan to share everything in Novel Progress #3 this Wednesday! But I will say that I’ve had so many ideas I want to share and I think this week will have a post nearly everyday on specific writing-related projects I have started or have in mind.

➴ Blogging

This was also a big week for blogging. I experienced my first blog failure on Wednesday. I got first-hand experience with what experts “The White Screen of Death” which was terrifying because I’m not used to working on back-end web development and had not yet backed anything up. (Still haven’t! I need to do that!) Luckily I was able to fix this problem with a FTP program, all on my own on Thursday! I’m very proud of myself, although I will admit it was an easy problem to fix after I had calmed down.

The reason I had run into the problem was because I was trying to delete the code for my Meta Slider in the functions.php and I missed a piece of the code. I like the idea of the slider, but I don’t have motivation to make the most of it and I didn’t like the way it was appearing on my static pages. Some other design elements I changed on the blog were the Google Fonts I use for Headings (which I’ll probably do a tutorial one day).

As far as blog content, I updated my About and Portfolio pages, which I still consider works-in-progress. Because I think of this blog as something semi-professional that I want to put on my resume I am always trying to emphasize the best possible version of myself and my work. It’s not easy! But if you’re interested in looking at my Portfolio, you’ll get a glimpse of the some of the projects I’ll be sharing soon.

One final thing concerning the blog is that I’ve decided not to do full-length book reviews anymore. I’ve liked doing them for myself, but ultimately they take too much time to write and time is becoming precious. Also I don’t think that my thoughts reach many people here anyway so I’d rather just get better about reviewing books directly on Goodreads.

Next Week

Next week I am participating in the Bookentine 2016 Read-a-Thon, so I’m hoping to read a lot but also keep up my work on my novel. My new deadline for my first draft (announced in Novel Progress #2) is April 1st, so I don’t want to lose any momentum. As far as what will be going up on Ink Keys and Other Things beyond my text tool review of Twine and Novel Progress #3, I think I will be doing three additional writing-related posts, including: an introduction to the text object I’ll be creating for my multimedia portfolio, my future plans for fanfiction, and the works you will soon be able to see on Wattpad!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are excited for what’s coming up here on Ink Keys and Other Things! As always, thank you for taking the time to read. See you soon.

Thank you for reading!
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